Business Strategic Planning Services
A2A understands that the eventual sale of your business represents one of the most significant events in your life. We also understand the importance of conveying to potential investors or buyers the intricacies of your business. Moreover, presenting your business operations, intangible assets and goodwill, proprietary products/knowledge and most importantly the actual profitability had your business been professionally managed. A2A recognizes the benefits of owning a private business and is experienced in working with clients in preparing financial statements.

We provide your firm with twp well prepared documents, a Business Review document and a Business Evaluation. The Business Review is professionally written illustrating all financial and operational highlights in addition to a detailed financial summary. This document can be utilized for a variety of functions including (a) attract high offers for sale, (b) capital influx from private investors, (c) business evaluation or (d) documentation supporting future capital loans. This product will enable you to maximize your opportunities for highest results and minimize the amount of time involved with cumbersome marketing and/or due diligence. Additionally, you will receive a professionally prepared Business Evaluation that will provide you with a "fair market value" for your firm. This analysis will focus on three fundamental approaches inclusive of: Asset Approach, Market Approach and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis. Through extensive mergers and acquisitions experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, service, retail, franchises and spanning high-tech firms we are able to produce a document that well reflects your firm. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your business which results in sophisticated and customized documents.

The first step is to interview you regarding your business operations, history, products, services, customer/geographic markets, organization, marketing plans, facilities, and growth opportunities. We then review with you your financials including financial history, projections, and any discretionary or non-recurring expenses. At this time we involve our technical writers to assemble the document and include relevant industry and market factors research information.

We provide comprehensive documents that addresses any investor concerns.
We have merger and acquisition specialists that provide years of experience in preparing documents.
Our level of confidentiality and involvement provides confidence that your personal requirements are met.
Documents are prepared according to investment banking standards assuring you of high-quality presentation.

Feasibility Analysis
One of the most important issues you will face after conveying an interest in implementing a new business or capitalizing on an apparent opportunity in your existing business will be determining the feasibility of your idea. Getting into the right business at the right time is simple advice, but advice that is extremely difficult to implement. The high failure rate of new businesses and products indicates that very few ideas result in successful business ventures, even when introduced by well-established firms. Too many entrepreneurs strike out on a business venture so convinced of its merits that they fail to thoroughly evaluate its potential.
If you are not yet comfortable with the viability of your business concept (idea, product, expansion), The A2A Marketing Strategy will help you perform a feasibility study before proceeding to the development of a comprehensive business plan. A feasibility study involves gathering, analyzing and recording data with the purpose of answering the question:
"Should I go into this business?" A Feasibility Analysis is a screening tool used to identify business opportunities around which a business plan and a business should be developed. (It is important to note that much of the information used in the preparation of a feasibility study will also be used in the preparation of a business plan).

Our Feasibility Study is usually 3-5 pages in length and usually includes the following major headings:
· Management Assessment
· Technical Assessment
· Market Assessment
· Financial Assessment
· Action Plan

Market Analysis & Research
The Market Analysis section of a business plan must convince the reader that a legitimate and profitable market exists for the business and its products or services. This is achieved through research. Referencing authoritative sources of market intelligence goes a long way toward convincing a foreign company, investor or lender on the viability of your business opportunity. We will conduct secondary research (the study of existing publications) on your industry, competition, and market. Our findings will be published in a 3-5-page report with references to all sources used. This report could then be used on a stand-alone basis or be used to help create the Market Analysis section of your business plan. The turn-around time for this project is 3-5 days.

Business Valuation
A2A Marketing Strategy understands that the value and perceived worth of your business represents one of the most Significant factors in a capital raise or acquisition.
A2A can provide your firm with a "Valuation" that is professionally written illustrating all financial and Operational highlights. This document can be utilized for a variety of
functions including (a) attract high offers for sale, (b) justify stock issuance for capital influx from private investors, (c) business evaluation or (d) Documentation supporting future capital loans.

You should be aware that investors and buyers will be scrutinizing and negotiating their position based on Factual assumptions and the relevant data and models that are accepted by industry standards, whether by GATT or other modeling scenarios. Therefore, you can Rest assured that these independently procured
"Reports" will represent factual evidence that can be the cornerstone of any negotiated solution.

Customized Business Plan Preparation
A2A Marketing Strategy will develop and produce a customized business plan for your enterprise based on your specific needs. During the preparation process we consider the use of the plan (i.e. raising seed money for a start-up, bank financing, global expansion, etc.), the user of the plan (i.e. Business Owner, investor, banker, etc.) and the developmental stage of the enterprise (idea, start-up, mature, etc.)
All of our plans are written by experienced entrepreneurs and reviewed by either a venture capitalist (for plans seeking equity) or a senior banking executive (for plans seeking debt) before being finalized. Our business plans are compelling and comprehensive but not overly verbose. Although there is no such thing as a typical business plan, our plans usually run 15-30 pages in length (excluding appendices and detailed financial model) and are produced in full color with appropriate illustrations (charts, graphs, tables, etc.)
As part of our service, we also include a set of comprehensive financial projections (covering up to 5 years), the highlights of which are included in the main body of the business plan. These projections are produced in black & white and bound separately (as they can sometimes exceed 40 pages in length.) Also, as part of our standard service we will produce a summary presentation of your plan in PowerPoint. Our customized business plan package includes:
· 5 hard copies of your business plan (bound & in color)
· 5 hard copies of your Executive Summary (bound & in color)
· 5 copies of your 1 page Executive Snapshot
· 5 hard copies of your financial projections (bound & in b&w)
· 1 PowerPoint slide show summarizing your plan, and
· 1 compact disk (CD) containing all of the above in electronic format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF).
The complete package will be delivered, on average, within 15 business days after we receive the completed Information Request worksheet.

Our fee for all of above service are based on the specific needs of the client, but is usually thousands less than comparable plans provided by others. The AMC Consulting is committed to providing the high-quality services that entrepreneurs and managers need for an affordable price.
Payment Terms: One-third of our fee is due up front, one-third is due prior to the release of the 1st draft of the plan, and the remaining third is due prior to the release of the completed package.


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